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Free pricing and cost ranges for residential electrical repairs and installations. Have you ever wanted to know how much it would cost to have your electrical panel replaced or repaired? Our electrical pricing program was developed by the actual electricians that performed the work during our 25 years of operation in the Sacramento metro area including Roseville, Ranch Cordova, Elk Grove and West Sacramento.

We understand people want to know the cost before they commit to moving forward with their project. We offer this service without cost to the consumer. We pay the cost through our in house electrical estimating staff. To determine  conditions and requirements comply with all safety codes, some installation projects will need a job walk for a more accurate estimate.  We hope that you will find this service of value. Give us a try. To get your FREE quote! Click here. 


Have you bought a new appliance


Have you bought a new appliance? Only to get it home to find out the plug in hookup is different. We can help you with that! Priority 1 Electric can install a new plug or electrical outlet for you. Give us a call 916-929-7995 Priority 1 Electric would be happy to stop by and give you an estimate.


Protecting Your home and business From electrical issues. 

If you have electrical issues going on, Priority 1 Electric wants to reminds you that the best way to protect your home or business against the risk of electrical fires or electrocution is to hire a qualified, licensed electrician to perform any electrical work. Priority 1 Electric is a professional Licensed company.

When you need a reliable team of electricians to respond quickly and efficiently to your home or business, you can always count on Priority 1 Electric. For over 29 years, we’ve been handling residential and commercial jobs, big and small. From fixing breaker boxes to complete rewiring projects. We have the experience and equipment to fulfill all of your electrical needs. Priority 1 Electric is ready to help you. We’re available 24-7. Covering the greater Sacramento, Roseville and Placer Counties. Give us a call 916-929-7995 we’re happy to stop by and give you a estimate.



The true problem with “FREE ESTIMATES” is that they are never “FREE”

To state FREE ESTIMATE is misleading. Someone does in fact “pay for the estimate” and that is Priority 1 Electric. We never advertise or state “FREE ESTIMATES” as there is indeed a cost to the estimate.

Quite simply, the free contractor is fishing when advertising FREE ESTIMATES. When a fisherman drops his lure in the water, he is advertising to the fish, FREE WORM, and most fish will ignore the bait, while a few WILL BITE.

Contractors using the FREE ESTIMATE lure, are banking that enough potential clients will invite him “IN” to avail themselves to the FREE TREAT. The skill of the FISHERMAN (contractor) is salesmanship. He must set the hook by any means possible to offset the cost of the FREE ESTIMATE.

At Priority 1 Electric, we send our skilled technicians. We have one waiting for you.