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Inspecting your heating and cooling  equipment annually, or as recommended by the manufacturer will help keep your equipment in top shape and last longer. Don’t forget to check your filters and replace them as needed. Generally, you should change them about once every month or two, especially during periods of high usage.  We can do that for you! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get a free filter.   Call 916-929-7995











Smart Homes and Wireless Devices

Smart Homes and Wireless Devices

Today I will be talking about wireless devises such as switches and smart homes. 

1) Wireless Devices 

These are really convenient they allow you to switch on and off devices anywhere you are. Also not just lighting you can lock  or unlock doors anywhere you are. Turn on and off your A/C before you  get home. You can also set schedules for all these devices. Think about daylight savings an all those timers you wont ever have to reset again. To have all these cool efficient features you must first have a smart home with Wifi. 

2) Smart Homes 

Smart homes are not as complicated as they sound. There’re  just a home with wireless or Ethernet internet. With devices ready for wireless connections such as Alexa, Siri or even Google.  Connecting your devices  to the internet allows you access even when your away from home. You can control all of your devices from your phone, watch or computer.  Want to find out more information? Give us a call at 916- 929-7995  also ask about our HVAC service and receive a free filter. 


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What Can a Panel Service Do For You?

Do you take your car in for service? Most people will say yes. Well, what about your home? Have you ever had your panel serviced? Most people would not think about servicing their breaker panel. If you have issues with you residential electrical panel give us a call. We would happy to go over it with you.

Electrical current generates heat which makes metal expand and contract when cooled. Over time this loosens up your connections. Therefore, like you service your car to keep things running smoothly. You should have a panel service every five years.

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