It’s time to inspect and tune-up the air conditioner



It’s time to inspect and tune-up your air conditioner. Priority1Electric has been in business for 28 years. Our professional, experienced and reliable technicians are here to help you before the Sacramento summer takes its toll on your air conditioner.

It will be cheaper and easier to preserve your HVAC not replace it. When was the last time that you serviced the HVAC, or the condenser coils? When was the last time you changed your air filter or had the evaporator cleaned. Yes, climate change is real; it changes every hour of every day. Is your cooling system ready for the dog days of summer? Get an honest estimate.


Free of charge, we will come to your home and inspect your HVAC system and depending on your system needs, we can put together a proposal for servicing your A/C to keep you all squared away through the upcoming summer months, that will be tailored specifically for you.

Check out our website at for a promotional code that will help save you some of your hard-earned dollars. We look forward to serving. Thank you for your time and consideration.









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