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Today’s electric cars are seeing an evolution in style, speed, and efficiency. More people are now purchasing electric vehicles. Are you thinking of buying a new electric car?  Some questions to ask before you buy.

How do I charge my vehicle?  Lets look at charging options.

Ordinary house current works just fine for most electric vehicles. But for those with larger battery packs and longer range, you may want to consider an electrical upgrade. You can find around town many charging hubs to park and plug. As for charging at home, most new cars come with a plug. Which is usually a lower level, which means it takes longer to charge your vehicle. Upgrading to a higher level charging unit will charge your vehicle faster. 

There are a lot of programs and incentives out there. Check for incentives before you buy from PG&E and SMUD.


How do I install my charger?

Priority 1 Electric is your go to electrician to call. We have installed several charging stations. If you have any questions, give us a call at 916-929-7995 and ask to talk to one of our professional technicians. 

























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