Flickering Lights? What Does It Mean?


Flickering Lights? What Does It Mean?

Don’t panic, flickering lights does not mean you have a ghost in your home! Flickering or blinking lights are usually a common problem. Some of the usual suspects for your flickering are below.


Appliances may be pulling large amounts of current on start up, causing a voltage drop.

Faulty light or fixture switch.

Problems with your bulb, (not tight enough).

It can also mean something else is going on, so to be safe call an electrician. We don’t guess we test!


We are here to serve you! We dare you to compare!  

What Can a Panel Service Do For You?


Do you take your car in for service? Most people will say yes. Well, what about your home? Have you ever had your panel serviced? Most people would not think about servicing their breaker panel.


Electrical current generates heat which makes metal expand and contract when cooled. Over time this loosens up your connections. Therefore, like you service your car to keep things running smoothly. You should have a panel service every five years.

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Wondering how to set up an appointment with an electrician during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Guidelines have been set up and are available online from both local and federal government agencies that show which businesses qualify as essential during the COVID. Electricians are considered an essential service provider.

If you are looking to do a new install, repairs or maintenance, we are here for you! We are available 24/7 for your emergency needs too. We handle residential and light commercial. 

Priority 1 Electric has been in business for 27 plus years servicing residential and commercial customers, ensuring the work is in accordance code. Our technicians strive to provide their customers with the highest quality service.  

To set up an appointment with us give us a call at 916-929-7995 and speak with our dispatcher. She will discuss your concerns and come up with a strategy on how to complete your project.


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Managed Home Maintenance

Why Doesn’t a Bird Get Electrocuted When Sitting On A Pole Wire

We all ask ourselves these questions when we look up at a power pole and see a bird. How come that bird isn’t being electrocuted, well the reason behind Our feathered friends and humans alike the bird just simply isn’t touching the ground.  If the bird was touching ground it would look more like a rotisserie chicken. Same thing with humans we just don’t have feathers and like to roost on power lines. In theory we would be able to do the same thing as long as we are not going to ground. 

Sometimes I wish I was a blue jay, my work would be a lot easier. Next time you see a bird on a power line, you will have a good story to tell your family or friends. Remember no climbing power poles and trying to roost on power lines unless you have feathers and a beak! Thanks for reading if your interested in reading or watching more videos add a comment on what you would like to read more or see videos about also while you’re there take advantage of our free Quote Tab and request a free quote on any electrical project you would like. 


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Tropical Eco Ceiling Fan With Lights


GORGEOUS LOOKING made with Eco material. Featuring cage metal lampshade. Energy saving and Eco, it makes a striking centerpiece for any room.

Perfect for indoor living room, dinning room, bedroom or kitchen. Whisper quite with impressive air flow! Motor made from pure copper, blows forceful air movement with whisper-quiet performance.

Cooling your heat and strengthen the air circulation of Indoor.

Works in the summer and winter to cool down air temperature and reverse for winter to recirculate warm air that has risen to the ceiling.

We have this fan in stock, or if you would like something else. Give us a call at 916-929-7995 to talk about your needs.

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