Thinking of buying an electric car?


There are some things to know before you make your purchase.

What type of home charger do I need? There are two ways to charge your vehicle at home.


Level 1 home charging. Plug into a regular household 110v outlet: This is the

slowest way to charge your vehicle, but for many EV drivers that do not drive many

miles a day, or for those driving a Plug In Hybrid electric vehicle, this may be all

you need for a sufficient charge each day. Most EVs come equipped with a portable charging cord that can be plugged directly into a regular 110/120v household outlet. With this method, the average charge for a small EV is about 5 to 7 miles of range per hour of charging, and it can take 8-24 hours to fully charge an EV battery depending on battery capacity and how depleted it is.

Level 2 home charging. Install an EV Charger and 240 volt circuit (if needed) or

use an appropriate charging cord with 240v outlet: This is a faster way to charge

your car at home, and usually requires an electrical outlet to be installed near your

parking spot. This can be installed at your home near to where you park your car.

With this option you can charge a car between two to five times faster than with a

Level 1 charger. You can get up to 30 miles or more in an hour of charging

depending on the unit’s power output level.


Whatever way you choose to go, Priority 1 electric can help you. Call today to get a quote 916-929-7995


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