Updating Your Backyard Patio Space For Summer

Updating Your Backyard Patio Space for Summer. It’s almost that time of year where most people will spend a lot of time on their patio having BBQ’s and hanging out with family enjoying the outdoors. Lets talk about updating your patio area to make it feel more inviting. There is so much you can update from backyard kitchens to spa’s and cool light fixtures.


Adding new light fixtures is a affordable way to update your patio. Most patios have one or two outlets. For a small patio that may be sufficient but for a larger patio you may want to have a few new ones installed.  Also now would be a great time to update any outlets that are not GFCI protected.  If you thinking of adding a Spa or outdoor kitchen, you may need a sub-panel installed to handle the power needed. Here are some other ideas for your patio. 


  1. Adding String Lights which can be used multiple ways. From hanging them around the fence or patio to under an umbrella or around a gazebo. 
  2. Solar lighting now comes in a variety of options now. Which are convenient and they provide free illumination.
  3. Outdoor Paddle Fans are a great way to keep flies off your food and bring a breeze to a hot summer day. Make sure you get one rated for outdoors. 
  4. Path lighting is another option for walkways and stairs. To help  guide you along an path.
  5. Outdoors Kitchens and BBQ’s are the new thing, there are so many options. 


Even adding a fire pit can turn a typical patio into an inviting gathering place for the evening. 

Many products now are connected through WIFI which makes easy to turn off and on with a click of your smart phone. 


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