What is a smart home you ask?

What is a Smart Home You Ask? Wi-Fi is a rapidly expanding market.  You may already know about smart devices for your home. Now you have more choices than ever before for your smart home hardware.

It can be a bit overwhelming looking into the future. Once you start spreading things like smart speakers, smart lights, smart plugs from room to room, you will start to see how helpful it can be for you.

Some of the advantages are having your outside lights come on when you arrive home in the evening. So you don’t have to stumble in the dark trying to get in. 

Also connecting a smart  Wi-Fi-based thermostat that lets you control your home heating and air conditioning system. Setting them to turn on when you want. There are so many add-ons today to help make life more convenient. If you would to learn more call to book an appointment with our dispatcher to get a technician onsite to go over your options.

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