Why Doesn’t a Bird Get Electrocuted When Sitting On A Pole Wire

We all ask ourselves these questions when we look up at a power pole and see a bird. How come that bird isn’t being electrocuted, well the reason behind Our feathered friends and humans alike the bird just simply isn’t touching the ground.  If the bird was touching ground it would look more like a rotisserie chicken. Same thing with humans we just don’t have feathers and like to roost on power lines. In theory we would be able to do the same thing as long as we are not going to ground. 

Sometimes I wish I was a blue jay, my work would be a lot easier. Next time you see a bird on a power line, you will have a good story to tell your family or friends. Remember no climbing power poles and trying to roost on power lines unless you have feathers and a beak! Thanks for reading if your interested in reading or watching more videos add a comment on what you would like to read more or see videos about also while you’re there take advantage of our free Quote Tab and request a free quote on any electrical project you would like. 


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