Are You Warming Up With Space Heaters?


Priority 1 Electric

Heater Safety Precautions

As the temperature drops many families start to use portable electric space heaters to help warm their homes. Priority 1 Electric wants to warn you of dangers using them.

Follow a few simple precautions for your safety:

Read the manufacture’s manual before using any space heater. Check to see if your heater bears the mark of a certified testing.

Keep space heaters at least 3 ft. away from any combustible materials, such as bedding, clothing, draperies, furniture and rugs.

Keep space heaters away from areas of water. Check your manual to be sure the heater is intended to be used in locations such as bathrooms.

Do not use space heaters in rooms where children are unsupervised. 

Avoid using extension cords with space heaters. Do not use space heaters in areas where flammable liquids are stored, such as gasoline, kerosene or other flammables.

Space heaters are meant to supply supplemental heat. Do not use them to warm bedding, dry clothes, cooking food or thawing frozen pipes. 

Unplug space heater when not in use. 



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