Lets talk about Home Security!


Lets talk about Home Security!


Everyone has some degree of need for security. From the minimum like motion floodlights to elaborate whole house systems with multiple sensors and cameras. 

With the technology of today, the cost is more reasonable for the average homeowner. With most state of the art systems are now ran through your home Wi-Fi, there is no need to run a lot wires.

Once set up, most of today’s systems can even be adjusted via your smart phones and computers. You can also set up notifications to be sent to your phone to notify you when a sensor has gone off.

One of the popular ones is The Ring Series. Which have a camera, voice & speaker all in one unit. This allows you to see and speak to the person on the other end. We have installed these units for several of our customers.

Most insurance companies will also give you a discount on your homeowner policy too.  My recommendation is to give us a call and we can go over what your needs and wants are and give you an estimated cost.




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