Let’s Talk About Shock Prevention Let’s Talk About Shock Prevention. What is it that keeps us safe from electrical shock from an electrical outlet or appliance? Unfortunately, there have been incidents in the past from incorrect installations or unknown violations. You probably wonder what safety precautions are available today to

When buying a home make sure you are protected.  Ground Fault Protection Usually are a GFCI outlets located through out your home and garage. They have a a reset button on them, so when tripped you can reset them by pushing the button.  Ground Fault Breaker Protection They are installed

  Have you ever been frustrated by a circuit breaker constantly tripping? Have you ever been frustrated by a circuit breaker constantly tripping? Interrupting or shutting off your appliances when your right in the middle of doing laundry or even worse shutting off you’re A/C on a hot day. You

Do you ever find your home feeling extremely stuffy, almost feeling like your home is over polluted?  Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health. Americans spend a significant amount of time indoors, either in the home, office or other types of buildings, where gases, chemicals and other pollutants

Let Talk Electrical Home System Safety Inspection. When was the last time you had your home’s electrical system inspected for safety? There seems to be an increase in power surges lately. Having an electrician come out and evaluate your home can save you money in the end. Let’s talk about

Flickering Lights? What Does It Mean?   Flickering Lights? What Does It Mean? Don’t panic, flickering lights does not mean you have a ghost in your home! Flickering or blinking lights are usually a common problem. Some of the usual suspects for your flickering are below.   Appliances may be

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