Are you hacking and coughing? 

Are you hacking and coughing? You should of called us to service your Air Conditioner! Making sure clean air is coming in your home. Cooling hot air creates a lot of moisture and condensation, which should be channeled away. If your AC system does a bad job, whether due to poor maintenance, damage or bad design, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Protect yourself by giving us a call. 



Indoor air quality is often overlooked as a health issue. Building codes require that houses built today be much tighter than years ago thereby eliminating the air flow from leaking windows and doors. Stale air is the results of a modern closed home.

Indoor air pollution is usually caused by the accumulation of contaminants from sources within a home. Emissions from fireplaces, stoves, cigarettes, cleaning products, newer building materials, and chemicals stored in the home can cause indoor air problems. People living in this type of environment may experience adverse health effects from breathing these contaminants. Many factors contribute to indoor air pollution. Adding insulation and caulking to weatherize the home to save on energy costs can reduce air circulation and trap contaminants inside the home. Outdoor “make-up air” cannot enter the home and dilute contaminants. This is why health effects caused by indoor air pollution are often called “tight building syndrome” or “sick building syndrome. The greatest resolution to the tight building syndrome is improved air flow.

In addition to increased air flow, UV lighting, improved air filters and a constant maintenance program on your heating and air conditioning system. The combination of these items will provide maximum air quality thus improving healthy living conditions in your home.

We recommend a heat recovery ventilator or an air exchange ventilator. The system needed would depend on the house and the life style.

The UV lighting system helps clean the air of particles that are continuously in the air due to foot traffic, pets, aerosol spray, vacuuming, cooking, etc.

Hepa filters installed in the existing air duct system produces the maximum filtration in lieu of the economy type.

Air quality is not to be taken lightly. Seniors and the very young as well as anyone suffering with respiratory issues will benefit the most from clean air. By evaluating your conditions and exploring options that are best for you. It is not a one solution fits all.

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