The true problem with “FREE ESTIMATES” is that they are never “FREE”

To state FREE ESTIMATE is misleading. Someone does in fact “pay for the estimate” and that is Priority 1 Electric. We never advertise or state “FREE ESTIMATES” as there is indeed a cost to the estimate.

Quite simply, the free contractor is fishing when advertising FREE ESTIMATES. When a fisherman drops his lure in the water, he is advertising to the fish, FREE WORM, and most fish will ignore the bait, while a few WILL BITE.

Contractors using the FREE ESTIMATE lure, are banking that enough potential clients will invite him “IN” to avail themselves to the FREE TREAT. The skill of the FISHERMAN (contractor) is salesmanship. He must set the hook by any means possible to offset the cost of the FREE ESTIMATE.

At Priority 1 Electric, we send our skilled technicians. We have one waiting for you.


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